NewsAplenty is a provider of first-class communications solutions based on its key personnel and a network of specialist writers and creative designers.

We prefer to work as closely as possible with you, working alongside your marketing/communications team.

It is best to work to an agreed programme created after consultation with you that includes a budget for all agreed activity.

With new clients, it can be beneficial to work on a project basis for the first few months. This provides an opportunity to fully assess the communications potential of the client's operation and also to gauge the client company's ability to implement a strategic programme.

The aim is to define the best possible scenario that achieves the result you seek. This scenario is mapped out, scheduled and costed. It gives you a clear path to follow to maximise success, while allowing for set-backs by preparing fall-back positions.

In some cases, we can follow the best possible scenario to its goal. Without it, there is often no path, and no clearly defined goal.